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Attention College Students

October 16, 2020

Att College Student

OK students at Fordham, Lehman, BCC, Manhattan College, College of Mount St. Vincent, and all the other institutions of higher learning located in the Bronx, NY.....

I'm sure you are overwhelmed with the “new normal” at school.....and are concerned (and if you're not, your moms and grandmas are) about the laundry facilities at school. On the one hand, you have enough on your plate, how to manage all of your academic responsibilities and the “regular”activities of daily living. On the other hand, the maintenance department at school has an overflowing plate as well....are they wiping down the machines and running a bleach cycle daily to ensure the machines and internal workings remain bacteria and mold free? Hard to say.

But it's easy to say that your friends at Ultra Laundromat are doing just that! They are following the protocols dictated by science and also providing wash and fold service (they even have pick up and delivery!) to help you navigate these uncertain times.....taking a little something off your plate so you can study and socialize at school according to the standards provided (masks, social distancing, you know all of this).

So, when you see that pile of laundry is growing and you realize you are your friends at Ultra Laundromat and they will take some of the burden off your plate providing you with fresh clean folded laundry.

Be smart, stay safe, protect your friends and loved ones and protect yourselves.

Somebody's Mama


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