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Frequently Asked Questions​ About Ultra Laundromat

How do I know which machine to use and how do I use it? If you have any questions or concerns about which washer or dryer to use, one of our professional and experienced staff here at Ultra Laundromat will be more than happy to assist you.

Commercial Laundry Service FAQ

NO contracts are required.

You can create an account through our website. www.ultralaudromat.com

Once you have created an online account you will be asked to put a credit card on file, or you can give us a call and inquire about billing invoices.

Wash and Fold Service FAQ

NO, but when scheduling pick up and delivery service please provide instructions indicating where we can find your clothes and drop them off. (once payment has been secured)

Here at Ultra Laundromat we typically fold your clothes. If your clothes need to be hung just leave us a message in the preference section and our professional staff will make sure that we hang the appropriate items.

Yes we separate white from colors, and for a separate fee we can separate your darks from your lights.

You can schedule an online order by visiting our website ultralaudromat.com.

When scheduling an online order you will be prompted to add a debit or credit card to be charged upon completion of your delivery.

Please check your pockets before your scheduled pick up as Ultra Laundromat is not responsible for any items left in your pockets.

Of course. When setting up your order online you can add any special requests to the preference section.

Great news! Here at Ultra laundromat we carry hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Please just let us know in the preference section.

Already processed your order and forgot to add a request? Don't stress just call us up and someone from our staff of professionals will be more than happy to make an adjustment.