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Somebody's Mama Talks About Wash n' Fold.....

October 06, 2020


Hi all, well, these are unprecedented times. Not since 1918 has there been a pandemic, check out the history books....some similar issues. I won't get partisan on this site, but I can't imagine anyone is happy globally about what's going on and how it has been handled.

So, while we may feel like we've been thrown to the wolves...... being either essential workers putting lives on the line daily, or, G-d forbid, lost our jobs, or worse, lost a loved one.....we are also busy taking care of ourselves and our family: food, clothing, shelter, home schooling teacher, mentor, chef, medical decisions, navigating our to cope, how to move into the next day, how not to lose hope..... we are wearing a lot of hats these days. An unfair number of hats. The tasks do not get easier. Anything that can be taken off your plate would be a good thing. I used to tell the new moms when they were being discharged from the hospital with their new babies “anyone who offers to help, the answer is yes!”. So, I'm thinking that if you can do it, give up spending time at the laundromat and instead drop off your clothing and other items in need of a good cleaning and use that time to regroup, relax, re-imagine, re-energize so the next week or two is a little less stressful.

Ultra will treat your items with care and respect and return it to you all ready to be put away. There's even a pick up and drop off service should you need additional assistance. We use only top of the line brand name products and will have your items ready in a timely fashion.

Please take good care of yourselves and your families and watch out for your neighbors as well. We are a community!

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