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February 22, 2021

Ultra Snow

Hi all, the snow is falling again and that means hats, gloves, scarves, lots of layers of clothing. Most of us don't think much about those items other than whether or not they're dry and available.....but in fact it's important to actually wash your bad weather gear. Gather up all those knit type hats and gloves (be careful of anything leather, you don't want to throw those in the machine), and beware zippers/hooks and other attachments that could mess up other items while taking a spin in the washer/dryer.

So, all those little magic gloves (which, by the way make great liners for bigger gloves...put those little ones on, then put your hands into your more serious will be warmer) and mittens and serious gloves, scarves, hats (be sure everything has a label inside that says it's washable) can take a ride in the washer and dryer every so often.....removes the outside elements, perspiration, runny nose drips, you get the picture.

At the end of the season it's always a good idea to have your coats and jackets washed or dry cleaned, depending on the fabric and the instructions on the Care Tag sewn into the item. Put your belongings away all clean for next year (and you might find some quarters, pieces of gum, and other treasures in the pockets).

Trying to be positive and look forward to good weather and for all of us to be able to crawl out from under our collective rock and see one another again.

Wishing everyone good health. Stay safe and be kind.

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